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The Fossil Fuel Resources website is aimed at individuals that are interested in learning about the fossil fuels, coal, natural gas and oil and the site includes detailed information on how each of the fossil fuels are formed, what they are used for and whether they cause any environmental damage to the planet. In addition […]


Coal Facts»

Coal is a combustible mineral formed from the remains of trees, ferns and other decayed plants that existed and died up to 400 million years ago in some cases. Coal is the world’s most abundant fossil fuel, more commonly found than natural gas and oil and it is second only to oil as the most […]

Natural Gas Facts»

There is approximately 5,149.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves left in the world. Of all the fossil fuels this works out as more than oil but less than coal. Natural gas is a non-renewable fossil fuel. It is understood that nearly one quarter of the world’s total consumption of natural gas is used […]

Oil Facts»

There are approximately 80 years of confirmed oil stocks remaining. Oil is a non-renewable energy source. The greatest increase in oil demand is in developing nations such as India and China, due to industrial demands and increasing use of the motor car. Just under 80% of the world’s oil reserves are controlled by OPEC – […]