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This section of our site contains information about another fossil fuel – oil. In it we hope to provide a great deal of useful information about this valuable and extremely versatile resource from its origins and basic chemical composition to environmental concerns regarding its processing and use.

The raw form of the mineral oils that we use is referred to as ‘crude oil’ and this is created through extreme environmental factors such as heat and pressure acting on decaying organic material such as plant, animal and marine life. It is a varied mix of hydrocarbons, the makeup of which is different in every oil field as the differing heat and pressure levels along with the type of organic matter involved result in a different end product. Oil fields are very often found beneath gas fields.

Crude oil can be refined into a vast number of different products and is used in the manufacture of fuels as well as plastics, tars and many other products that we take for granted and without which life in the developed world would be significantly different.

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