Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel Resources


A biofuel is a type of renewable energy that is typically derived from a biomass source and turned into a useful fuel such as biodiesel, bioethanol or biogas.

Biofuels are renewable sources of energy and are seen as extremely important fuel sources when considering that our non-renewable energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas only have finite reserves left.

As governments, commercial companies and the public at large become more aware of the possibilities for the use of biofuels in everyday life we will likely see a steady increase in the number of services and products that can be powered by biofuel and the associated technology should improve dramatically. Already there is some provision for the use of biofuels, with biodiesel currently powering large numbers of commercial vehicles (particularly in the US) and a small number of Fuel-Flex Vehicle (cars that are capable of running largely on bioethanol) models available.

Our section on biofuels covers in depth information on the three main types of biofuel including how they are formed or made, what uses can be made of them and the advantages and disadvantages.

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