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The Advantages of Wind Power

  • One of the main advantages to the adoption of wind power is that it is a green source of power generation. In other words it is a renewable form of energy that does not emit any harmful greenhouse gases or pollution into the atmosphere because no fossil fuels are burned to generate the energy.
  • Wind is an abundant and plentiful force of nature that is completely free of charge to use (provided that you have the equipment necessary to harness the wind energy itself and turn it into electricity).
  • The capabilities of using wind power are enormous. If wind power is utilised to its full potential there is the capability of powering the world’s electricity needs several times over or the full energy needs of the world in total.
  • Wind turbines which are used to harness and create energy from wind can be tall but they do not require a large plot of land as would be the case for standard power plans or mining areas. In fact many wind turbines are placed out to sea off the land coast away from populations and where the wind blows at its strongest.
  • Wind power is useful in that it can help to power smaller, more remote communities. When wind power is coupled with solar power it is possible to obtain substantial energy requirements.
  • Individual domestic wind turbines can be installed to provide energy for households or small communities.
  • When building and operating a large scale industrial wind turbine the cost to build, install and operate the turbine is usually paid back via the energy production benefits within the first 3 months of it producing power.
  • Environmentally there is no evidence to suggest that wildlife such as birds or bats are killed by the operation of the turbines. In fact there is more evidence to suggest that wildlife is harmed to a greater degree through mining and other typical human activities such as automobiles, hunting and power lines on the landscape.
  • Modern wind turbine technology is progressing quickly to the extent that the noise emitted from small wind turbines is now negligible. It is now possible to stand underneath a fully operational wind turbine and hold a normal conversation without the need to even raise one’s voice.
  • Cost wise the price of wind turbines are coming down as the technology improves and economies of scale increase. Also, there is no variation in the cost of the source of the energy such as the price of oil going up and down because using wind is free.
  • For domestic users of wind power technology it might be possible to get a government grant to help pay towards the wind turbine.
  • Observers often remark that wind turbines are serene and beautiful to look at on the landscape.