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The Advantages of Solar Power

  • Solar power is a renewable form of energy. It is derived from harnessing the power of the Sun – the Sun will continue to shine so it makes perfect sense to use solar power wherever possible. Even when it is night time and the Sun is not shining, we know that the Sun will rise the following morning which offers the security of a constant renewable energy source.
  • Producing solar power does not result in the destruction of various habitats and environments around the world in the same way that oil drilling and coal mining can blight the landscape.
  • The Sun is a free resource to use and there is no pollution or waste products (there are no greenhouse gasses produced via solar energy) associated with the Sun’s rays. Also we do not need to use a type of fuel to be able to get solar energy because the Sun is a constant in the daytime sky.
  • Solar energy is an excellent method of producing power in climates where there is a high level of sunshine and also in more remote areas. Often the more conventional types of non-renewal energy such as oil or coal will need to be mined hundreds of miles away and it is necessary to transport the fuel to where it is needed. This causes extra pollution via the transport mechanism. Solar energy does not need to be transported at all so it is a good power source for communities that are more rural and do not have good transport links.
  • People using solar energy to power their homes can use it off grid or on grid. On grid means the solar power is used as well as being connected to the national power grid supply, whilst off grid means you do not need to pay for energy through the national power grid because you are producing solar energy yourself to power your home. This can result in a very good cost saving over time.
  • The price of solar power is not subject to constant price increases and decreases. You may have noticed that the price of oil fluctuates significantly almost daily due to various socio and economic reasons in the place where it is mined, whereas the price of solar energy remains constant because no-one has ownership over the Sun!
  • Solar energy is a silent type of energy production. Compare this with noisy oil drilling and coal mining.
  • The solar power industry is a constantly evolving industry where the technology and cost savings are increasing dramatically. Solar panels and solar cells are able to produce and store more solar energy than ever before, and this is steadily increasing year on year.